Are you also building a high-spec gaming PC for you? Well, if you are, you must know how important it is to have good graphics. And we guess that’s what got you here. Check out our choice for the best graphics card for your PC.

A Graphics card is surely one of the most important crucial components of any gaming PC. It can impact your gaming experience to another level and choosing the wrong one will give you only disappointments.

We understand that the selection for everyone is not the same and one graphics card is not the best for everyone. Hence, we have tried and tested some of the must-have graphics cards available in the market based on their performance, features, and prices. Let’s get started.

5 Best Gaming Graphics Card 2022

So, while choosing the best gaming graphics card for your PC, you will have to keep in mind certain factors like power efficiency, performance, and overclocking speed. Considering all these factors, we have come up with the 5 best graphics card for gaming.

1. GeForce RTX 3080

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080: best overall graphics card


There is no doubt that when it comes to performance, NVIDIA is everyone’s choice and we are no different. GeForce RTX 3080 is our top choice as it offers 30% more speed than its preceding generations and at that also at 500$ less. If you wish to play your games at 1440p or 4K, this graphics card can be your choice.

It even syncs with Ryzen 9 5900x motherboards and offers better tensor cores for DLSS. This technology is now used more in games these days. The best thing about this graphics card is that DLSS and RT together provide better and faster performance. But, what we didn’t like about it is that it is difficult to find this graphics card in stock.

  • GPU Cores: 8704
  • TDP: 320 Watts
  • GPU: Ampere
  • Video RAM: 10GB GDDR6X 19 Gbps
  • Boost clock: 1710 MHz
  • Good Performance
  • Better price than preceding models.
  • Faster than previous-generation models
  • You can use it to play on 60 fps or 4K
  • It is not easily available in stock
  • The power need is 320W
  • Costly

2. AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT: best amd graphics card for gaming (1):

The next one is from AMD. AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT is the best AMD graphics card for gaming. This one is almost 54% costlier but is approximately 7% faster than the available ones. Some may not think that it is a great deal but, when it comes to the performance, this graphics card offers a great boost in the features and performance.

One of the best things about this GPU is the clock speeds. For this model, they are boosted within a range of 2.1 to 2.3GHz. AMD offers you this clock speed without even increasing the power requirement of the GPU. Moreover, the primary reason behind this exceptional performance of AMD is the 128MB cache.

What we didn’t like about this GPU is that we didn’t find the ray-tracing power of the GPU that great. Also, when compared to other AMD products, this seems to have terrible availability and high pricing.

  • GPU Cores: 4608
  • TDP: 300 Watts
  • GPU: Navi 21 XT
  • Video RAM: 16GB GDDR6 16 Gbps
  • Boost clock: 2250 MHz
  • Great performance because of the RDNA2 architecture
  • Works well with 1440p and 4K
  • Better than 3080
  • High capacity VRAM
  • Ray tracing is average
  • Supply issues

3. AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT: Best graphics card for gaming

If you are looking for an affordable and best AMD graphics card for gaming, this should be on your list. This uses the same GPU cores as RX5700. It still offers better and higher clock speeds. Because of the massive cache, the GPU gets a 25% boost in performance.

One best thing about this GPU is its clock speed. It offers you 2.5GHz speed which you will not get in any other GPU. This is a great option to use with 1440p monitors which is the most preferred one. In our testing, we found it delivers the same performance as RTX 3070 at the same range.

Aside from its features, this graphic card improves the aesthetics of your PC build and if you sync it with a white motherboard, its design looks more appealing to the eyes.

  • GPU Cores: 2506
  • TDP: 230 Watts
  • GPU: Navi 22
  • Video RAM: 12GB GDDR6 16 Gbps
  • Boost clock: 2581 MHz
  • Works well with 1440p and 4K
  • Almost the same as 3070
  • High capacity VRAM
  • Not available easily
  • FSR is not better than DLSS
  • Ray-tracing performance is average

4. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti offers you all the common features like 30-series GPUs at the price of 399$ onwards. Like other GPUs, it is difficult to get hands-on with this product. It just gets sold out as soon as it becomes available.

This GPU also performed much better than the previous generation in every test. When compared to next-generation versions, it performed only 9% slower and also, cost up to 20%less. What we didn’t like about it was the VRAM.

For now, 8GB can be used but it may not be compatible with high-end games in the future. The main concern related to this is that it may not be easy to look for it.

  • GPU Cores: 4864
  • TDP: 200 Watts
  • GPU: Ampere
  • Video RAM: 8GB GDDR6 14 Gbps
  • Boost clock: 1665 MHz
  • Better performance than 2080 according to the price.
  • Overall value is good.
  • Good to use with 1440p.
  • May seem overpriced
  • VRAM is not enough

5. Radeon RX6600 XT

Radeon RX6600 XT

RX6000 XT offers you a great mainstream performance. It features Navi 23 architecture and was launched in competition to RTX 3600. AMD shortened the memory interface width, CU counts and formed a less expensive chip that still manages to work fine.

The performance of this GPU is better than RX5700 XT, which was impressive for a lot of people as AMD has cut the memory to half. It is quite surprising that even with a 32MB cache, the performance of the GPU is still great.

Like other best AMD graphics cards for gaming which we have mentioned in the article, this may not be very good at ray tracing but a price of 379$ is good as a replacement for RX5600 XT. But, it’s not easily available in retail stores.

  • GPU Cores: 2048
  • TDP: 160 Watts
  • GPU: Navi 23
  • Video RAM: 8GB GDDR6 16 Gbps
  • Boost clock: 2589 MHz
  • Better than 5700 XT and 3060
  • Even with 32MB, it performs quite well.
  • Great for 1080p
  • Tracing ray performance is great.
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability


These were our top choices when it comes to the best graphics card for your PC. When you are attempting to buy any GPU, keep in mind the power supply, VRAM, Resolution, and ray-tracing capabilities. Hope you will find the best GPU for your PC.

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