Is There A Printer For Everybody And Every Purpose?

Is it easy to carry the computer which has your files and folders? Pen drives will not be a good solution because there will not be a computer everywhere. Instead of carrying the files wouldn’t it be easier to carry the hard copied of those files? This is where printers come into play.

It is useless with words unless action and proof are there. Because of being in the technological era every proof and calculations will be mostly stored in the computers or other electronic gadgets.


The proof will be in the pen drive or hard disk for the safety purposes but still, sometimes it is not enough to have a soft copy that is data on the pen drive all the time.

Printers – An Essential Device In Our Everyday’s Life

There are some output devices which is essential for a professional computer and printer is one of the output devices. The printer is not developed until the end of 20th century. This era produced a sudden change in the printing devices but giving many types of the printer in a quick period of time.

The first printer was introduced by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. There was not any development in a printer for nearly a century. The first printer was introduced in the year 1968 by a Japanese company called Epson. The first low-cost printer was introduced in the year of 1984 by HP.

What Are The Types Of Printers?

There may be many types of printers but only some are used regularly in order to have hard copies. The types of printers are as follows:

    Personal printer

    Network printer

    Virtual printer

    3D printer

Personal Printer

The personal printer is used for the personal purposes like assignments, seminars and it also includes official works of a particular person. These will be connected to only a single computer and it can print up to twenty-five pages in a minute.


Network Printer

Network printer will be connected to a particular network with many users. These will have high-speed printing capacity as it shared through the network. It can print up to hundred pages per minute.

HP printers

Virtual Printer

This printer will not have a physical shape because it is one of the software inside the computer. This virtual printer is used to created files like PDFs in the system. This printer can be also used to transmit files to other users.

3D Printer

The 3D printer is used to create a three-dimensional object from a 3D model in the system. It is a printer with analog and an inkjet printer which is used to create a two-dimensional object and it will be combined with a dimension which is already in the paper.

3D Printer

A printer was developed and different printers are invented for separate purposes with two decades. This indirectly proves that people were in demand in a printer and the companies understood the people demands as always and brought a new change in the printing era.

A printer is used all over the world instead of writing because it saves time and the typing style and fonts can be adjusted as per the user wish.

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