What’s New In Opera Mini Browser?

Opera is going to launch its R2 on April 25 on online. The opera mini browser does not announce the actual name of the product. R2 is the code name of the browser.

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Opera 52 – A New Version Of Opera Mini Browser

Recently opera mini launched its new version opera 52.The main frame of the product is free from mallard attacks and threats. It provides the optimized speed than the Google Chrome and the opera 51.

The selection with the Xerox of the various address can be also done. Apart from that some Monday blowing animation formats were also given.

  1. Ad blocking process:

Opera always holds its flag against bitcoins. So, the browser gave the new version with the minimal possibility of the hijacking. It not only provides the advertisement blocker but also the fastest ad blocking service.

The straight matching algorithm is the primary source for the speed of ad blocking. It proved and succeeded in the benchmark tests with both Google Chrome and Opera 51.

  1. Copy page address:

The new modulation added in the browser was copied page address. With the new features, a user can manage to access multiple pages by simple editing and copying.

The new features can be managed in a simple way. The user can easily save or reload or edit the material in same time.

  1. Mind-blowing animations:

People get depressed when they did not get a proper Internet connection. They go crazy when their system network connection is very slow.

The opera browser provides various cute animations for Internet disconnection problems. The animation was made in a funny manner which can make angry people laugh.

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Opera 45

The new version opera 45 provides the fastest and reliable service for networks.

  1. Download:

We personally love to download important things which we feel good. The Opera browser provides a fast, quick and flexible service of download. The sharing of the files can be also done perfectly by this module.

We feel irritated when we try to delete some unwanted downloaded files. Opera had also made a way for it.swipping the file can be made the file completely deleted from the history.

  1. Multitasking:

If the user wants to download and needs to open another page is not a big deal in the opera browser. You can use another application running background with the downloads simultaneously.

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  1. Private searching:

The private searching module was also included in the browser. If you want to know about a particular word or sentences just click the word and open in new tab to know the additional details about the word.

  1. Customization:

Users comfortable is the main concern of opera mini browser. You can get the personalized settings of our new version. All you need to do is just adjust the settings of the browser to enjoy the service.

  1. 1 million downloads:

Recently opera browser launched in many African countries. The opera browser news app attained a super hit. It works in the artificial intelligence mode. It keeps the people updated with the recent news. It even crossed the line of downloads more than Facebook and Twitter.

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