Mozilla Firefox Browser For Virtual Reality

We’re all aware of the open source non-profit browser Mozilla Firefox. Currently, it launched the reality browser for the virtual streams. The new browser is an open source platform. It is the key to manage the new adventures in Web technology.

mozilla firefox

In the Firefox browser, the installation of the software is not needed. It had been built in the default manner. Virtual reality is a non-profit independence source. It can work on different devices. Virtual reality headsets can give the real view of experience.

Mozilla Firefox Facebook extension

The Web activity isolation is essential in this technical stream. Firefox browser launched a Facebook extension which helps to hide the users. It hides the users Facebook from the other browsers. Facebook can never collect the data from your history of websites. It can prevent the unwanted advertising components.

New version of Firefox

Recently the world had been shaken due to the hacking of many Facebook users. There is a widespread talk that the hacking helped to win the presidential election. Mozilla needs the overall protection of its users. It clarified that they view only the number of downloads without collection of data.

The process to get the extension

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Open the container tab.
  • Remaining process will be handled by Firefox Facebook container.

Firefox 59

Firefox browser announced its Firefox 59 for desktop and both smartphones.

  1. Privacy:

In this updated version Firefox browser focused on the privacy of its users. The private mode had been enhanced in this mode.

  1. Faster loading of the websites:

Firefox browser again made the faster process of websites. It follows to takes the users history of websites on the drive.

  1. New tools for screenshots:

Firefox enhanced few tools for the screenshot process. It uses the best editing properties with the real-time communication process.

  1. Blocking of websites:

It majorly blocks out the notification of the websites which is the reason for many threats.

Truth and diversity

Mozilla Firefox browser joined the 115 companies in order to oppose the travel ban in the United States of America. The travel ban may prevent the ideas, innovations, and techniques. Already 114 companies opposed the travel ban.


The Mozilla Firefox filed the case suit to take off the ban which differentiates the people from various countries and religions. It may affect the communal harmony of the country. It may create influences in the family, business, and corporate firms.

The case against federal communications commission

Mozilla Firefox recently filed a case against federal communications commission. Currently, the federal communications commission urged to drawback the net neutrality. Mozilla opposed this act widely.

The Internet source is an open source which should be accessed by every people. If the law affects the open source Internet it may create the storm in corporate firms.

People may be forbidden from many useful activities. Mozilla wants everyone to access the fruitful mean of open source Internet. Mozilla wants people to know the impact of net neutrality.

So, people should raise their voice in need of open source network.

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