Unknown Facts About Google Chrome That May Surprise You!

Recently Google Chrome Browser got into a trap by the technical scammers. The scammers found a way to freeze the browser. They create a popup message on the browser by freezing the browser. The scammers tend to act as the solution in order to steal the credit card information.

Chrome Browser

Cybersecurity identified the freezing of the Web browser. They verified that Google Chrome is the primary victim of the attack. The technical scammers hacked the Chrome Web browser which leads the way to download more files in few seconds.

Permanent Mute For Threat Videos

People feel annoyed when they see a lot of videos in the browser, which starts to play in an automatic manner. Google Chrome, a versatile browser has introduced a solution to this problem.

Google Chrome new version

In its recent version, Google Chrome enables the users to stop the video. By viewing the view site information with the selection of sound, one can easily prevent the problem. Google is planning to launch an ad blocker to prevent the threats.

Security Threat

There will be a case of cybersecurity in the usage of both tablets and smartphone. Many people use the unsupported version which can make them face vulnerability.

Google browser launched a strict sight isolation which works on cybersecurity. It is also working with the manufacturer of mobile phones in order to maintain security.

Chrome version 66

A new version was released on Google Chrome browser. It did not allow autoplay of videos. It was available in Android, apple, windows and Mac address.

Chrome version 66

Windows Defender Browser Protection

Microsoft put a seed to the browser protection. It can work with Windows and the Mac platforms. The main aim of the platform is to free the browser from threats and unwanted contents.

Windows Defender Browser Protection

A real-time indicator also presents in order to prevent the site from unwanted stuff.

Password-free Logins

Recently free protocol for Web browser called WEBAUTHN was introduced by Google Chrome browser. Its main objective is to prevent the use of passwords. It ensures biometric authentic method for passwords.

Webauthn Password Free

The browser has reached the final stage of production. This browser protection can help the online service providers. End to end data security can be achieved. Authentication can make a network safe. It can prevent malware threat attacks.

The Ban On Cryptocurrency Extensions

Cryptocurrency is rocking the digital platform of electronic commerce market.  Facebook and Twitter putdown the extension platform of the cryptocurrency.

The Ban On Cryptocurrency Extensions

Chrome browser has announced it will never allow any users to mine cryptocurrency extensions. The cryptocurrency extensions already presented in the Chrome browser will be removed shortly.

Google Chrome Browser For Kids

Google Chrome browser has thousands of free websites. Recent data verification stats that more than 6000 websites for children may create violation in children mindset.

More than many websites collect the personal details of adults. Security threats are big doubt in these cases. Many language learning websites mostly collect data on location and contact details. So, it is necessary to install a software to prevent the unauthorized company. Google Chrome Browser is on the way to recover the problem.

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